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Lucky Burger

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy - just be methodical!

Serves: As many burgers as your heart desires!


• We use Japanese Milk Buns (from Bread & Butter Bakery in Auckland).
• 150g wagyu mince (this makes 1 burger pattie). You want the same meat to bun diameter ratio *it’s all the little things - done perfectly*! 😜
• Couple of pieces shredded ice-berg lettuce (per burger).
• 3 slices 5mm wide, RIPE, heirloom tomato (per burger).
• 5 slices gherkin (per burger).
• A sprinkle of very finely diced raw white onion (per burger).
• 2 slices of Edam or Swiss (per burger)
• 5 pickled jalapeño slices (per burger)
• Generous TBSPN of Sarah’s burger sauce (per burger) : Mix equal parts Heinz Tomato Ketchup / Frenchies American Mustard / Mayo with 5% ratio Lucky Taco Habanero Hot Sauce. Mix well until all the sauces have combined.
• Mayo (enough for a smear on the top underside of the bun).
• Slice of Mortadella. Fried in frying pan until crispy (per burger)
• Salt & pepper to season wagyu patties.


• We start by making 'Sarah's Burger Sauce'. Super simple method (as noted in ingredients, in 👈🏽 hand panel). If you like it super spicy - just go hard on the Habanero! 😜
• Our local butcher makes the patties for us. Any good butcher should - or you can form them yourself. Also easy! Just see the meat to bun diameter ratio (as mentioned in ingredients). You don’t want a mouthful of bun without the meat. No Sir!
• Fry your pieces of Mortadella. Go low & slow. It’s a thin slice & will burn quickly if not careful. Turn every few seconds with a pair of tongs to ensure you get it nice & crispy & not burnt! 
• Place on piece of kitchen towel to dry out once cooked & set aside.
• Make sure you have a super sharp knife, or you will never cut the sexy 5mm slice of ripe tomato…cut 3 of these slices per burger.
• Slice your gherkins.
• Seperate a wee stack of ice-berg.
• On a chopping board, lay out a piece of Edam or Swiss (per amount of burgers you’re cooking). Place 5 of the pickled jalapeño slices on top of each piece of cheese & then lay another piece of cheese directly on top. So imagine the jalaps are underneath a wee cheesy duvet…😜
• OK. It’s time to fry! Perfect on the barbie, or you can cook the patties in a frying pan. Cook for 2 minutes. Season with salt & pepper. Flip. Season reverse side with salt & pepper & fry for another 2 mins. Then flip again & place jalapeño cheese blanket on top of each pattie. Leave for another 2 mins. BOOM!
• Slice the buns in half. You can place them in the oven at 200 degrees for approx 3 mins. Or toast them in pan. We chucked them in the oven - as meat pattie madness was occupying frying space. And they were delish done in oven. So would highly recommend that method!
• You’re ready to build your burger! 
• Apply a generous blob of Sarah’s burger sauce on the base bun. Our burger aficionado friends commented that lettuce on the base after sauce is best - so the bun doesn’t get soggy from meat etc…i totally dig that advice - so you could either copy our photo, or change the lettuce around to be on the bottom. It WON’T make any difference to the taste. And i didn’t experience burger landslide - but hey…the devil’s in the detail!
• Then go gooey, cheesy, spicy pattie.
• Then the slice of crispy Mortadella.
• Then the tomato slices.
• Then the gherkin slices.
• Then a generous sprinkle of the finely diced onion.
• Add a smear of mayo to the top bun.
• Your burger should now be a masterpiece! 
• We serve with a big bowl of curly fries, oven roasted broccoli with toasted almonds & pine nuts. And some Lucky Taco Chipotle Aioli for the fries (Mayo / crushed garlic / lemon juice / Lucky Taco Chipotle Hot Sauce / salt).



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