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Saz n' Oti's Pasta Parma

Cooking Time: Few hours (for tomato sauce). Then 20 mins.

Difficulty: EASY AS BRO!

Serves: 4


You can buy store bought - but i assure you, the smell & taste of homemade can’t be beat!
• 10 large ripe tomatoes
• 7 large cloves garlic
• Handful of fresh or dried oregano
• Teaspoon good quality sea salt
• Teaspoon cracked black pepper
• Teaspoon Lucky Taco Habanero hot sauce
Blitz all ingredients up in Nutri-Bullet or food processor or use stick blitzer. Once smooth, pour into a saucepan & bring to boil (watch as it will boil over). Simmer for a few hours until thickened into a thick(ish) vibrant, rich, red tomato sauce. Adjust seasoning to taste if necessary.
• 1 large eggplant
• 1 x packet spaghetti
• Half cup good quality olive oil
• Panko crumbs (enough to coat slices of eggplant)
• 2 cups flour (enough to coat slices of eggplant)
• 2 large eggs cracked in a shallow plate & add splash of milk (enough room to place slice of eggplant) combine with folk & add tiny pinch of salt
• Large handful of fresh garden herbs (we used, sage, rosemary, parsley & thyme) roughly chopped. Save some parsley springs for garnish
• Generous shake of Lucky Taco Chilli Salt
• Parmesan (we go hard 😂)
• Cracked black pepper
• Juice of half lemon
• 1 cup canola or vegetable oil (for shallow frying the eggplant)


• Slice the eggplant into approx 5mm slices lengthways. You should get between 6 - 8 slices. Place on top of kitchen towels & sprinkle salt over the top (this will draw out excess moisture). After about 15 mins. Turn them over & repeat. Then pat dry with more kitchen towel.
• Once you’ve simmered your tomato sauce for a few hours & have it to the desired ’tomato pasta sauce’ consistency, remove from the heat & place saucepan to one side.
• Pre-heat oven to 80 degrees.
• Tip 2 cups of flour onto large plate & add Lucky Taco Chilli Salt & chopped herbs.
• Tip generous amount of Panko crumbs onto large plate.
• Line up plates: 1: Flour plate. 2: Egg plate 3: Panko plate.
• Dip slice of eggplant in seasoned flour and shake off any excess. Then dip in egg mixture. Then dip in herby panko mix. Lay on a clean surface. Repeat until all slices are crumbed.
• Heat a large saucepan full of water. Add a generous amount of table salt. Pasta water should be as salty as the sea! 
• Meanwhile heat a large frying pan over medium high heat. Add in cup of canola or vegetable oil. Leave for a minute & let the oil heat up. Add layers of eggplant into the pan. You should hear them sizzle (but watch you don’t burn them. You just want them, a lovely golden brown). You’ll probably need to do this in 2 batches - as to not overcrowd the pan. You don’t want to overlay them. They need to have flat purchase to the frying pan, for an even golden crumb. Cook until golden. Flip and fry the other side. Once done, take them out of the pan & onto a plate. Pop them in the oven to stay warm. repeat process until all eggplant is browned. Keep in pre-heated oven to keep warm.
• Add saucepan of tomato sauce back on a medium heat & keep stirring until hot.
• Add pasta to the boiling pasta water & cook to packet instructions. (Usually 8 - 10 ins). You want it slightly under (well, we like it al dente). Once cooked, drain the pasta & place back in empty pot.
• Add half cup of olive oil to pasta & combine with tongs. Add 3 ladlefuls of the hot tomato sauce to pasta & mix well. Season with cracked black pepper. 
• Tip the spaghetti onto a (warmed) big sharing plate. Grate a shit load of parmesan over the top. 
• Take eggplant out of the oven & lay on top of spaghetti. Spoon over tomato sauce. Grate more parmesan on top. Chuck some parsley over the top so you look schmancy as & squeeze over juice of half lemon.
• IMPRESSIVE huh!!!?
• Yummy with garlic bread & a big green salad.



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