Chilli Salt

Adds ‘ZING’ to everything! No taco has ever been served from The Lucky Taco Truck without a shake of chilli salt. It just takes it to that moreish next level. Also great on eggs, pizza, fries, salads, burgers, sandwiches, in soups, stews, curries & makes an excellent margarita chilli salt rim After going through so much of the stuff, The Lucky Taco decided to make their own. With protective clothing & gas masks, the team make this from their garage commercial kitchen. It scooped up a SILVER award at the ‘ZEST FEST USA 2016’ & is now stocked in over 60 supermarkets nationwide in NZ.


Cayenne, Paprika, Lime, Lemon, Salt, 0.1% Silica (natural mineral).

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Product: Chilli Salt
Chilli Salt
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Tastiest taco ever and a great night for Wellington On A Plate.

- Tracey Morgan