Pink Pickle

This is a dish from the Yucat√°n region of Mexico. Called escabeche de cebolla (Pink Pickle). They are a wonderfully vibrant Mexican condiment, ousting ketchup and mustard from first-shelf-fridge-status. We like to keep a pot of pink pickle on hand to top burgers, eggs, hot dogs, tacos, even salads get piled with a handful of these fuchsia gems.


Red Onion, Citrus Juices, Habanero, Salt.

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NA for this product. Only available to buy fresh from Farro Fresh & Nosh stores. Situated in the chilled section.

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Product: Pink Pickle
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lucky fans

Hey Sarah

I have just returned to work today after being away and I just want to say a huge thank you for coming and catering our event last Friday!

You guys are awesome! such yum food & good vibes! I have had nothing but positive feedback!

I will need to come and visit your foodtruck again and eat some more delicious tacos!

Thanks again :)

- Jordyn Hesketh