¡¡Help us Lucky Taco the world!!

News & Press, 04 Jul 2015

HOLA special people that we love. As well as cookin' tacos from The Lucky Taco Truck for the masses for the past 2 years - weve been cookin' up an idea to get our tacos / brand and flavours out there to the world.

And we can - but only with your help.

PLEASE - help us turn our taco dreams into a tasty reality - and youll be handsomely rewarded!

We have less than 30 days to raise the funds we need on KICKSTARTER to take The Lucky Taco to the next level of awesome.PLEASE share this with anyone who you think would be keen on gettin' some Lucky goodies too!

Muchas gracias. Amore amore! / Thank you. We love you!

Orale! Woo hoo!

Aaaaall you gotta do - is back us. Get on board. Make it happen - by clicking here