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Chilli Chicken Orange Noods

Cooking Time: 15 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Serves: 2



• 1 FR chicken Maryland (skin removed & set aside). Remove meat from bones & chop into small bite-size cubes.

• 230g white Taiwanese flour noodles (avail from Lims Asian supermarket).

• Half carrot (finely julienned).
• Half celery stick (finely chopped half moons).
• 200g broccoli (chopped into small florets).
• Half green capsicum (chopped into slivers).
• Thumb sized knob of ginger (peeled & diced into fine slivers).
• 3 large garlic cloves (diced finely).

For the special noodle sauce:

• 1 tbsn gochujang paste (Korean fermented Chilli paste).
• 1 tbsn soy.
• 1 tbsn fish sauce.
• 1 tbsn black bean sauce.
• 1 tbsn grated palm sugar.
• 1 tbsn rice wine vinegar.
• 1 tbsn sesame oil.
• 1 tbsn grated orange zest.
• 1 tbsn sesame seeds.
• 1 tbsn chilli flakes (or 2 if like us) 😍🌶

Mix all the special sauce ingredients together in a bowl. Set aside.

• 1 cup chicken stock.

• Extra sesame seeds & Chilli flakes to garnish.

• Ground white pepper & flaky sea salt to season.



• Heat sesame oil in wok & add flattened chicken skin (preferably seasoned with Lucky Taco Chilli Salt).

• Cook until crisp. Remove & place on piece of handee towel. Cut into small pieces. Set aside. Leave the fat in the wok. Turn down heat.

• Heat chicken stock in a saucepan & keep warm.

• Bring a pot of water to the boil & add noodles.

• Turn heat back up under wok.

• Time 5 mins to cook noodles. Loosen noodles with chop-stick or fork.

• Add the chicken to the pre-heated wok. Leave in place & let brown for 2 mins.

• Shimmy the chicken & stir.

• Add ginger & garlic to wok. Stir.

• Add carrot, celery, broccoli. Stir.

• Add chicken stock. Stir.

• Noodles should be ready. Drain & add to wok with other ingredients.

• Add the ‘special sauce’ & turn off the heat.

• Mix well. Season with sea salt & ground white pepper. Add more citrus or heat to your liking.

• Serve up between 2 bowls.

• Sprinkle the crispy chicken skin & some Chilli flakes & sesame seeds on top.

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