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Lucky Lamb Neck Stew

Cooking Time: 4.5 hrs

Difficulty: EASY AS

Serves: 4



• 1KG meaty lamb neck chops

• 2 large carrots (peeled & cut into chunks)

• 1 celery stick (chopped finely)

• 2 kumaras (peeled & quartered)

• 1 white onion (roughly chopped)

• 4 garlic cloves (chopped finely)

• Handful of spinach leaves (roughly chopped)

• 1 cup Heinz tomato ketchup

• 1 cup beef stock

• 2 cups water

• 2 TBSPNS Worcestershire sauce

• 2 TBSPNS honey

• 1 TSPN hot curry powder

• 1 TBSPN white wine vinegar

• 1 TBSPN Lucky Taco Habanero hot sauce

• 1 TSPN ground cumin

• 1/2 TSPN all spice

• 1 TSPN flaky sea salt (we use Maldon)

• 1 TSPN ground white pepper

• 2 TBSPNS canola oil


• Pre-heat oven to 140ºc.

• Heat canola oil in a large oven safe pot.

• Season lamb necks with salt and cracked black pepper. Place into pot and brown all over. Turn and do the same.

• Remove from pot and set aside.

• Turn the heat down to medium and add all the chopped vegetables. Stir well.

• Make a sauce by mixing all the ingredients EXCEPT the beef stock, water & spinach.

• Pour the sauce into the pot and mix with the vegetables.

• Add the lamb necks back to the pot. Nestle them into the vegetables.

• Add the beef stock and water. Put the lid on and put in the oven for 4 hours.

• Check the stew after 2 hours. You don't want it to dry out.

• If it needs more liquid, add some water - but it should be fine if you've followed the recipe exactly.

• When ready, the meat should be sticky and ready to fall away from the bone.

• Have a final taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.

• Add the spinach leaves and stir through. They will wilt immediately because of the heat and add a nice flash of green.

• We serve ours with crusty white bread. DELICIOUS!

• You can always add a small dollop of natural yoghurt, some lemon zest & freshly chopped parsley on top to 'dazz' it up for guests!

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