Lucky Recipes

Lucky Quesadillas with Spicy Sausage & Pink Pickle

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Super Easy!

Serves: 2



• 4 flour tortillas (either left over from Lucky Taco Kits) or ordinary flour tortillas from the Supermarket

• 1 tub of Lucky Taco Pink Pickle

• 2 big handfuls of mild grated cheddar

• Cooked spicy sausage (or chorizo or basically ANY left-over meat you have kickin' around)

• Lucky Taco Chilli Salt

• 1 lime


• A sandwich press is the ultimate tool for the job. But if you don't have one, lay all ingredients on top of one tortilla. Place in hot frying pan and flip after 2 mins.

• Sprinkle grated mild cheddar over the surface of 1 tortilla.

• Then place chopped half moons of sausage on top (as if you're making a pizza).

• Then dig a few forkfuls of Lucky Taco Pink Pickle out of the tub and spread a layer evenly over the top.

• Place the second tortilla on top and then place into the sandwich press and shut the lid.

• They'll be ready in about 4 mins. Check after 2. The cheese should be gooey and the tortillas golden.

• Chop in half or quarters. Squeeze over a wedge of fresh lime and a generous shake of Lucky Taco Chilli Salt.

• BOOM! Enjoy your stay in flavour town amigos!



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