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Spicy Dill Slaw!

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: EASY AS!

Serves: 4 - 6



• Half a red cabbage (thinly sliced). Or blitz in a food processor

• Half a white onion (thinly sliced into half moons)

• Handful of fresh dill (roughly chopped)

• 1 carrot (grated)

• 2 TBSPNS mayo

• 2 TBSPNS natural yoghurt

• 2 TBSPNS white wine vinegar

• 1 to 2 TSPNS Lucky Taco habanero hot sauce (depends how spicy you like it)

• Zest of 1 lime

• Salt & cracked black pepper to season


• Mix everything together in a large bowl.


• Adjust any seasoning or spiciness to suit your tastebuds!

• Awesome in a sandwich, with roast chicken or ribs. And a great dish to take to a BBQ!

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