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The Triumphant Lasagne

Cooking Time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Serves: 6 hungry



• 1 box of OVEN READY pasta sheets

• 1kg premium beef mince

• 3 TBSPNS canola oil

• 1.5 cups Mutti tomato polpa

• 1 TBSPN Lucky Taco Chipotle Hot Sauce

• 2 TBSPNS rubbed oregano

• 4 TBSPNS Heinz tomato kethcup

• A few good splashes of Angostora Bitters

• 1 TSPN soy sauce

• 1 TSPN worcestershire sauce

• 2 bay leaves

• 1 lemon wedge

• 1 beef oxo

• 1 carrot (finely sliced)

• 1 onion (super finely diced)

• 1 celery stick (super finely diced)

• 4 garlic cloves (super finely diced)

• 2 chillies (super finely diced)

• Grated mild cheddar cheese (enough for a light sprinkle on each layer - heavier layer to finish)

• Mozzarella (to finish on top)

• Grated parmesan (enough for a light sprinkle on each layer - heavier layer to finish)


• 1 white onion studded with 15 cloves

• 2 cups whole milk

• 4 TBSPNS flour

• 4 TBSPNS butter

• Salt & white pepper to season

• Lucky Taco Chilli Salt



• Pre-heat oven to 200ºc.

• Put a saucepan over medium heat & add canola oil.

• Add your onion, celery, chilli, garlic & carrot. Sauté until soft. You don't want to brown any ingredients in the pan - just soften.

• After a few minutes, turn up the heat. Add the mince. Break the mince up with a flat bottomed wooden spoon.

• Once the mince has browned all over, crumble in the beef oxo cube & stir everything together.

• Add all the other wet ingredients and dry herbs. Mix well. Turn down heat to medium. Season with salt and pepper. Turn heat down to a simmer & gently bubble with the LID ON for 30 mins.

• Meanwhile, place the clove studded onion into a saucepan with the 2 cups milk. Bring ALMOST to the boil. Keep your eye on it - milk can bubble over in a flash! Once it starts to look like it's going to bubble over, turn off the heat. Sieve the milky brew and put mixture into a clean bowl or jug.

• Melt 4 TBSNS butter over medium heat in saucepan. Add the flour and keep stirring until frothy. SLOWLY add the clove infused milk. KEEP STIRRING.

• You want the béchamel sauce to be thick & silky. You can always add more milk if it gets too thick - but the key is to keep stirring and don't have the heat blasting - otherwise it'll separate and be the opposite of nice.

• Once you're happy with your béch sauce - set aside. Go you! You've just made a fancy sauce! It will also thicken slightly as it cools - so try and factor that in when you're finishing it. FEEL THE SAUCE. Channel your #innernonna

• OK - time to build a spaghetti cake.

• Grab a large rectangular oven proof dish. Think feeding 6 people...

• Smear a skinny layer of the meat sauce on the bottom (this is so the pasta doesn't stick and burn at the base).

• Then add a layer of pasta - usually 2 & a bit sheets. Break the sheets carefully with your hands and fill in any gaps around the sides.

• Add another layer of meat sauce. Take your time. This lasagne game is a delicate art!

• Then add a layer of béch sauce. (You should have enough for 2 x layers - and that's perfect).

• Then add a skinny layer of mild grated cheddar. Cover the surface area - but you're not making a pizza - use restraint. #channelyourinnernonna

• Then add a layer of grated parmesan.

• Then add a shake of Lucky Taco Chilli Salt & some cracked black pepper.

• Now back to the pasta. Same as before. About 2 and a bit sheets. Fill in the gaps with smaller bits you can snap off.

• Add the rest of your meat sauce.

• Add the rest of your béchamel sauce. Use the back of a big spoon or spatula to make sure you spread the mixture (layers) evenly, covering EVERY nook & cranny.

• Repeat cheese layering.

• Sprinkle a wee bit of rubbed oregano over the top and season once again.

• BEWM! Stand back and admire your handy-work.

• Cover with foil and bung in the oven (in the middle) for 30 minutes.

• After 30 mins, remove the foil. And add slithers of mozzarella to the top.

• Turn oven DOWN to 160ºc for about 10 more minutes. Or until the mozzarella is bubbling and turning light golden brown. Keep an EYE ON IT! After all this work, you don't want to burn your amazing creation!

• You should have a BEAUT lasagne! Your guests will fight for the crispy, chewy bits in the corners.

• We just served with a big fresh salad with a grapefruit dressing.




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